Defibrillate your confidence

Defibrillate your confidence

Succeeding without self-assurance is a daunting challenge; and so is the innate feeling of insecurity.

Try these to regain confidence at those weak moments with the following simple stop-start practices:

•Stop over-criticizing - start recognizing: Recall those moments of passion that give you goose bumps when you learn something extra-ordinary. Zoom out and take a note of what you need to learn for the current situation to get that energetic feeling. With an accurate assessment of your abilities you can tell the difference between over-confidence
and lack of skill/ knowledge.

•Stop worrying - start practicing: If there's a job or task that you're worried about, practice doing it. Preparation builds both skill and confidence.

•Stop strengthening - start experimenting:
Embrace new opportunities. Playing to your strengths is smart, but not if it means you don't try new things. Experiment on novel challenges - fail early and learn from the mistakes to remind yourself what you are capable of.

With these simple defibrillation techniques, we can stop fretting and start performing to our true potential.

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