Recipe for success

"It's not what you know, it's who you know" is truer than ever in today's truly challenged organizations.

The fundamental question then is - how do you know whom to know?
Personal support, purpose and work/life balance play a vital role in the filtration of whom to know.

A paired coach or a close friend proves to be priceless in situations of extreme uncertainty of bad days.

A solidarity driven objective based culture tries to take the human factor out of the equation. Pairing                     with more sociable personalities helps drive the broader meaning of work.
An honest friend will help you bring consistency into positive attidues including spirtual well-being,                                                         dietary habits and physical health.

With these three key filters at hand - try to choose influential and passionate change agents around you.
Having the right people around you - try to focus on learning (with passion) and success is inevitable.

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