Unleash your creativity

Get your creative juices flowing

Joining the dots among disparate ideas is a key innovator's skill.
The habit we need to develop demands careful (yet accidental) associations of complex factors of a given challenge.

Here are the three basic recommendation on how:
  • Think-Do cycles: Keep asking the core question of why the dots seem unrelated. Like the media and its point of view, there is another untold story in the background. We have to keenly defer our gratification by not accepting minor successes end goals. Instead - treat them as milestones towards a bigger objective.

  • Distractions: Try to intentionally take your mind off a topic for some time and then switch back with a fresh pair of eyes. Some new potential connections might have become visible while the mind processes the information in the background.

  • Repetition. Research shows that consistent & persistent associational thinking in complex scenarios plays a vital role in energizing rather than fatiguing. 
Use cycles of creative thinking with breathing spaces to allow creative juices to flow.

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