Using the 'Resistance to Change ' to your advantage

Using the 'Resistance to Change ' to your advantage

Hidden conflicting agendas, misaligned priorities, and endless pursuit of personal goals are some of the symptoms of office politics that frustrate the workforce. However, these issues are impossible to avoid. Instead, you need to manage them. Here are some of the proven ways to make the most out of the situation and utilize it to your advantage:

Identify key decision makers and opinion leaders:
Start by understanding all of the stakeholders involved and how they are connected. This will help you navigate issues as you try to make change or simply do your job.

Facilitate transparent discussions:
When politics arise, engage parties in a transparent dialogue with each other. Organize a meeting or invite people with different views to lunch and make it safe for all by defining the casual limits.

Define decision making rules:
Clearly choose one of authoritative, consensus, consult or democratic methods before embarking on a group discussion. Identify the decision making process to be deployed and explain how it will be utilized according to the given context.

Explore win-win options as a group:
Create a plan for building alignment. Talk to people who would object and figure out how to respond to their concerns. Ask people in your camp to influence others through personal, social and structural motivation.

Having key stakeholders positively engaged, team members involved, decision making rules defined - you are all set to embark on an effective change initiative. By sharing the vision and following up with a road map, the change inertia can be utilized to your advantage.

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