[Common Questions] How can we improve upon the multitasking of perfectionists?

"Between stimulus and response, one has the freedom to choose. " Dr. Stephen Covey 
Many psychologists have tried to prove over and over again that multitasking generally is non-productive. However the true definition of multitasking and it scope is debatable.

My suggestion to handle the multitasking perfectionists is to get the comfort level from them instead of externally deciding to give them team leading or other related responsibilities. It depends on the type of personality on how technical or related superiority can be maintained.
  • Responsibility to train the secondary experts should be mutually agreed. 
  • Carrying out appraisals for the direct reports should not be forced on them. 
  • Even the code reviewing of teams' output can be shared with their consent.
The flexible team structures must allow alternative ways to share such responsibilities while maintaining focus on the utilization of their true expertise. 
The recommendation here is to provide an internal mechanism on the team basis to allow perfectionists to choose the level of distractions they are happy with.

All in all - being perfectionists, these stars try to shine with every challenge they encounter.

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