[Common Questions] Who is responsible for managing the perfectionists?

The short answer is: It is the whole team's responsibility.
The long term (vision sharing) answer is:
  • Line managers needs to support this exception to the norm.
  • Scrum masters/ transformation leaders need to facilitate and coach the stars according to the stars' personality.
  • Transformation leaders need to create an environment that supports the management of complex tasks with appropriate balance of time, scope and quality).
  • The team itself has to be able to recognize the great contributions from the perfectionists and when to make a call on scope creep controls.
  • Architects and Tech Leads need to pair up and try to control the scope in agreement with the product ownership team. This in turn helps the struggling stars to revive their glory.
  • In effect - it is a team's responsibility. 
Picture By Ursus Wehrli

Based on my extensive management consulting, coaching and team mentoring at various levels in the past few years - I have seen perfectionists at almost every level in organizations. It depends upon the industry vertical and market conditions in addition to R&D funding etc.

The overall organizational culture needs to transform and has to be supportive of internal mechanisms for the teams while maintaining the overall consistency.

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