Preventing gold plating from star team members

Star team members sometimes develop an identity of delivering gold plated master pieces for every task they endeavour. This can sometimes be a critically useful contribution while an anchor to a speed-boat on other occasions.

Applying diamond cutting standards as a rule can likely stall the progress on every facet of a project.

Here are some ways to clarify the exception scenario to utilize these positive qualities while meeting the minimum acceptance criteria as a norm:

Propose time bound analysis activity. Let the specialists work on time bound and focused activities. This in turn will simplify the situation and minimize the possibility of digression into solving world hunger.
Gauge multi-tasking while managing comfort level. Based on the personality assessment of the perfectionist, try to get the comfort level from them on playing multiple roles at a time (e.g. analysing and leading/ managing).

Share the other side of the systems impact. Help the team members recognize when gold plating has negative outcomes. Explain the impact on the team's delivery commitments in a bigger picture.

Provide systems feedback. Perfectionists sometimes get frustrated with hearing criticism of their master pieces. Keep communicating positively with a non-blaming mindset in pursuit of finding an agreeable feedback method.

Ask for their definition of value. Share the golden rule and definition of waste from the lean principles. Value is only what the customer is willing to pay for - rest is all waste.

Preparation and continuous evolution of practices based on solid principles is of essence. Promoting systems' thinking and bringing the delivery targets into perspective without compromising on quality while staying focused on value can sometimes help in maintaining the right libra (balance).

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