[Part 1 of 2] Six Thinking Hats - my new summary of classic lateral thinking

Six Thinking Hats by de Bono - 
A Visual Summary by Naveed Khawaja

Six Thinking Hats has been a classic for decades. 

The ideas for group thinking and being generalists at evaluating concepts from various aspects has been well known to the industry. Be it KJ Analysis or affinity or any other similar technique.

Edward de Bono has structured the  behavior driven emotional evaluation of business ideas into a practical group thinking system. It helps with the team building as well as group thinking by intentionally empathizing with others' point of view. 

The following visual is a concise summary. It serves as a starting point for new teams that are trying to use  this lateral thinking method into their current business innovation.

Stay tuned as in the follow-up post, I will share a simple example where the above technique is applied to a shopping list.

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