Paving the way to programme delivery

Programmes are challenged quite often throughout their life cycle. On one side - there is a feeling of aiming for the impossible while the need for an appropriate time to market keeps pushing us back in the timeline.
Consider a programme as a huge pile of snow on a mountain. The uncertainty is too high for us to feel confident in choosing a reasonable path. With the wisdom from knowledge of the past endeavor and a bit of hit and trial in short iterations is a fundamentally sound and proven methodology in almost all aspects of life.

All we have to do is to stay focused on only the 'musts' (really necessary stuff) and keep paving the path towards success. What remains is 'shoulds' and 'coulds' on both sides of the road. The product ownership team has to keep making the tough calls on throwing away the unnecessary stuff (non-musts) iteratively and incrementally.

What awaits is a project completion focus and potential delivery that the customer really 'needs', instead of what they express as 'wants'.

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