[Fragile to Agile] Daily stand-up [Scrum/ Huddle etc.] improvement suggestions

The essence of any successful team is its strong communication. Time and time again we hear organizational leadership gurus emphasize on the importance of candid and regular communication.

One of the key practices towards agility and leanness is timely communication e.g. a daily stand-up. A team gets together every day at a set time and shares the answers to the following three questions:

  1. What I completed yesterday?
  1. What I intend to complete today?
  1. Any barriers or blockers?

Over the past few years - various mutations have helped us evolve the structure and focus of these short status update sessions.

Here is a short list of suggestions to keep these sessions focused and valuable.
Your suggestions are most welcome.

  1. Give a one line description of the item you are progressing with not the story number.
  2. Collaborate (pair-up) with others first and don't start a new story.
  3. WIP (work in progress) limits need to be highlighted  don't start a new story.
  4. Handover the work in progress to the team and don't leave the story hanging on the board.
  5. Contribute to the flow of status update round and don't start discussions before completing the round.
  6. Next person starts immediately after the last person and don’t let them wait for a cue to move.
  7. Stop a conversation during the status round, capture the potential discussion items and come back to them in the end. Don't allow the side conversations to hinder the flow.
  8. Face the team and talk to them. Don't focus on the facilitator only.
  9. .
  10. .
  11. .

In the quest for continuous improvement - taking small steps, mastering and picking up the next is the key to success.

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  1. Based on the offline feedback - here is an addition to the recommendations.

    Apply ‘jidoka’. If the CI build fails - it should ring an alarm and halt the whole team. Don’t let the failing builds to lurk around.


Thank you very much for the insights and suggestions.

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