Prioritize or procrastinate

Be it personal, professional or social - throughout our journey in life  we keep transforming from dependent to independent and inter-dependent. The key to inner satisfaction and long term happiness depends on how we decide to prioritize long term goals in every aspect of life. .

Learning to let go comes with maturity and choosing the right options at the right time.

Whenever you reach that decisive moment - ask the following questions to yourself.
You might find courage at the brink of uncertainty:

  • Do I have a good feeling about its current value (intangible cost of doing vs not doing)? 
  • Do I understand its long term value (over a six months to two year period)? 
  • Do I feel more passionate and productive about investing my time and energy on this right now?

As I write this blogpost - I am asking these questions on whether sharing my thoughts by blogging, is valuable enough?
The answer that immediately pops up is: "I have a good feeling about it and I feel happier, passionate and productive when such ideas are shared. Long term value is unquestionable as this enables me to improve my authoring skills by writing regularly."

What do you think?

Reference: HBR - The art of letting go

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