Root cause vs symptom resolution

Change programmes often come to a painful challenging state. 

Sometimes, the root cause is completely hidden from the apparently visible symptoms. At the start of such initiatives, some passionate team members commits to the improvement mind-set. They generated great and numerous ideas and want to address many challenges at once. Unfortunately - this approach is neither sustainable nor fruitful in the long run.

Instead of tackling many of the challenges at once, visibly enlist all the things you would change and choose the one with maximum net positive effect.
Take a good look at the list and think about the one thing (root cause) that would impact several things (symptoms) on the list. Make it short and simple. Perhaps you need to be more aggressive, or maybe you need to slow down, or speak up for yourself more often.  Revisit this list iteratively and incrementally. 

If you're not sure, try something for a few weeks and see if it's working.
Then, each morning, remind yourself of your one thing (daily team stand-up). Soon it will become second nature as the results reinforce your team's commitment to change.

Relative re-prioritization of a list of high level ideas on a regular basis could be the key to a sustainable change programme. Whether it is successful or not is another story - only time will tell...

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