AgileFall - WaterScrum - MiniWaterFall Vs Relay Race

Question: Describe AgileFall, WaterScrum & MiniWaterFall in two words.

In solutions delivery space - reducing the rework due to misunderstood requirements is a major concern in all major verticals in this industry.

AgileFall, WaterScrum & Mini WaterFall
all are pointing to a common root cause of progressing as a relay race. This is in contrast to the more interactive and collaborative solution development with agility and leaness.

Experience shows that even the hyper-productive teams fall into a status quo of contentment. Information is subject to interpretation as it is passed on from one team member to another. Teams inevitably become satisfied by promoting specialism as a ground rule rather than focusing on co-ownership and a pseudo-generalist effort.

By taking the first baby step of enforcing a rule of collaborative story surgery sessions - we can challenge the status quo regularly.

Before embarking on a journey to develop a solution for each self-contained piece of work - the team gets together and tries to understand what is actually expected as an acceptance criteria and defines the meaning of 'done'. This includes the proxy customer or business analysts, user experience representatives, technical author, developers and test team members.

Having successfully implemented this previously in a very challenging finance industry and now in telecom - the results are reassuring and promising.

Try to change this one habit of not working in isolation and you will be surprised by the immense benefits in the long run. As any other continuous improvement technique - identification of such a scenario is an effective trigger. Results will be reaped with less rework and more customer expectations that are adequately met.

My answer to the question in the beginning: Relay Race

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