Agile edible bites

Every now and then considerable events occur with and around us. We can either take notice and think about these or keep our concentration to the results of higher value.

While wrapping up this particular week on  a Friday evening (as captured in the photo - look carefully :)), I realized that drinking a glass of milk will give me the required nutritious value. Before placing it on the desk - it was imperative to think about the positioning of the glass on my personal kanban.

The following five columns are the standard swim lanes:

  • Backlog
  • Prioritized Backlog
  • Today's Backlog
  • In Progress
  • Complete

Fortunately, my 'Today's Backlog' has been completed and the last activity is in progress.

On any given work day, before even checking the email - I look at the backlog, prioritize it and then choose the activities of the highest value for that day (while keeping both long and short term results in perspective).
Items are moved to the 'Today's Backlog' column as the first step while maintaining the priority.

The first item in that column is picked up and moved into 'In Progress'. Then it is worked on with a focus on only one activity - known as  'Work in Progress'. Upon its completion the item is moved to 'Complete' column. The cycle continues till we exhaust the whole backlog for the day.

In the midst of explaining how a personal kanban works for me - the next item is to enjoy the rest of the glass of milk.

Have a great weekend.

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