Understanding and presenting a complex problem

A fresh pair of eyes is sometimes a good solution to our so-called unique challenges. Because the new person is not biased towards a specific solution and is willing to ask 'dumb-questions', having such a discussion with a wider audience is often frustrating for the team members. Coming up to speed on a complex scenario and then offering a potential alternative in a specific domain burns alot of extra time for various team members unnecessarilty.
Anecdotes are some of the strongest tools to help us solve a problem and address the complexities of day to day business challenges. 
 This is a simple three step process yet quite challenging to master:
  1. Have a smaller (more involved) group present the contextual scenario to a reasonable level of detail informally.
  2. Identify the pattern of the situation and what is not being said.
  3. Share a thought provoking anecdote from another context that is similar to the identified pattern.

The next time you stand up infront of an audience and share the solution to a problem, it would help if you keep the solution as an analogy in another domain. The team will get much better understanding with a new context as the minds will not be hardwired to their own 'unknown-known' constraints.

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