Building High Performance Agile Teams at Agile Cambridge 2012 Conference

Here are the high level details of our session at Agile Cambridge 2012 conference.

Session TitleBuilding High Performance Agile Teams 
Session TypeExperience Report
Duration90 minutes
Session Description
Agile Cambridge 2012 - Conference Schedule
Our aim is to have you leave this session with thought provoking ideas on how to improve your team's Agile model. We will be demonstrating some of the various Agile methods we have used to help teams mature from being just another Agile team to becoming a high performing Agile team.

This session will cover many different aspects of how you can improve the processes and practices of your team/s. We will touch on business relationships, interactions, communication, collaboration, team empowerment, ceremony improvements, test automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated acceptance, BDD, Kanban (focus on Class of service in a defect environment) and numerous other techniques with real world examples of our own journeys.

Speaker(s)Naveed Khawaja (Morphilibrium)
Over the past decade, Naveed has helped major players in the verticals including manufacturing, finance, public/ civil service, energy, utilities and telecom.

Various organizations ranging from fortune 6 to 300 have benefited from his passion for the transformation towards continuously improving iterative, incremental and collaborative product development with a focus towards agility and leanness.

He has degree in Computer Science, is a Design for Lean Six Sigma Software green belt & is an Oxford Business Alumni  with a philanthropic agile and lean spirit.

Having five patents & two invention publications, Naveed Khawaja brings a unique combination of motivation, productivity  and innovation.

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