FeedForward or FeedBack

Having fun at work and especially with most of what we do, is a recurring challenge in our lives.

We embark on some activities with high adrenaline rush. If we are diligent and disciplined, these soon become part of a routine and habit. Ultimately (if we are not careful) - the activities that started as fun, turn into dragging and frustrating chores.

Feedback - by the nature of its name is a dreadful experience for most of the employees every year. Especially when it is to do with appraisals and isolated in a void (6 monthly or yearly).

Fortunately, there is a positive reincarnation of the personal improvement initiatives (in groups).

Instead of rehashing a past that cannot be changed (feedback), Marshall Goldsmith and Jon Katzenbach coined “feedforward” to encourage spending time creating a future.

The intention is to have half an hour of fun while walking around in the room and gaining quick feedback for our personal and professional development.

Note: Giving and receiving feedforward only takes about two minutes. Thus 20 team members should finish this activity within 40 minutes.


When you think of giving feedback, try giving feedforward - focus on the promise of the future rather than the mistakes of the past.

In the midst of all the dreadful experiences for recalling the mistakes of the past, assume that they are all forgiven. You are genuinely sorry and will not do them again.

This is an approach to a positive new start of yourself.

The commitment to stay positive has its long term rewards waiting for you.

Give it a try and embark on a lifelong journey of self actualization.

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