Innovation rain - first step of a long journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. 
Lao Tzu

Silicon Valley came to the UK (SVC2UK) last week and rocked the boat at various institutions including the prestigious Said Business School (University of Oxford).

Big data was the buzz and tremendous ideas were presented including some very interesting analogies. Being an Oxford Business Alumnus, I had the honor of getting the invitation and good fortune to be able to attend.

One of the most resonating ideas came through a simple yet extremely powerful analogy.

The speaker mapped numerous technological advances, ventures, innovation and inference into the idea of ice, water and vapor.

 Inferring from one of those ideas - interesting questions arose?

Intel has stayed in the ice state for a long time and is struggling with the current disruption from ARM (expected to meet the demand of two Billion processors just in 2012).

Samsung and Google are continuously disrupting innovatively into mobile computing in both ice and vapor space.

Amazon went from books (ice), to digital books and marketplace (water) into clouds (vapor).
Seeing the tremendous progress in these industries during the past five years - the time is near where another player will come in and challenge more ice, a little bit of water and most of the vapors.

I call that era - the innovation rain.

The rain where the shining sun will liquidate the ice and burning hot ground will vaporize it.Or inference that involves multiple states.

Let us see what happens next, only time will tell.

Where do you think is the next big idea?

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