Leadership vs Entrepreneurship - a synergistic clash of the titans

The entrepreneurial spirit is vivid in the Cambridge population (hence known as silicon valley of the UK) and in contrast Oxford is famous for producing amazing leaders for the past 800 years and maximum number of "Prime Ministers" that any city has ever produced (globally).

Being an Oxford Business Alumnus and a regular collaborator with Cambridge Judge Business Alumni - I  learn significantly and compare their approaches regularly towards the glocal (globally local) trends.

For the past few weeks - I have had the privilege to attend the "Enterprise Tuesdays" event at Cambridge University (via Judge Business School).

The theme is:

Recognising Opportunities
Mindsets and Motivations
Spotting Market Needs
Serendipity or Hard Work

The focus of these sessions is to encourage the participants and inspire them to pursue their entrepreneurial ambition.

When we step back and try to make these concepts abstract - the approaches become clear and distinct.
Oxford focuses on Leadership, Strategy and Change Management (top down) while Cambridge has the spirit of entrepreneurship with a focus towards technological start-ups (bottom up).

In the midst of these top down and bottom up approaches - there are rays of hope for the road to recovery from the national and global economic crisis.

Who knows - only time will tell.
What do you think?


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