Serendipity or Hard Work - a medici effect

Imagine that you are in the middle of proposing the potential spouse of your dreams.
Now pause the scene at this exact moment and focus on the flashbacks of how you reached that conclusion.
You must have overcome many challenges in the past to feel ready to commit to this lifelong journey.
Hold on - this is not a dating advise!
This is from an excellent University of Cambridge (Judge Business School) CfEL event with the title "Serendipity or Hard Work".

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Start-ups seem to follow a very similar pattern.
Entrepreneurs work hard to pursue their passion and when the time is right - they pitch their proposal to potential investors in anticipation of embarking on a lifelong yet serendipitous journey together.

Having helped numerous organizations and various diverse teams - for me, the session was an excellent forum of varying (yet complementing ideas).

Two special quotes of the night were:

Markets don't exist. Consumers don't exist. PEOPLE exist.
Strong ideas - loosely held!

The key takeaway was to surround yourself with ethical & intelligent people:
Randomness + Persistence + Selection = Potential Success

Choosing the right options requires knowledge, wisdom and guidance to help us become lucky.

Serendipity or Hard Work ...... or a bit of both.
Which one would you focus more on?

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