Book Launched - Agile Laments now available at amazon

My book has finally been completed and published at Amazon today.
Practices driven change is neither sustainable nor fruitful in the long run when principles are compromised while values are misunderstood.

Organizations embark on a transformation journey with the introduction of various standard and proven techniques. Real life economic pressures play a vital role in bringing practices on-board. This ‘Libra’ varies dramatically across verticals. Initially, the practices are tailored in good faith and this evolution is aligned with the principles. However, unless we are careful - the essence of agile values is lost over time in this adaptation process. It helps if we keep the suggestions as an analogy in another domain. The team will get a much better understanding within a new context as the minds will not be hardwired to their own 'unknown-known' constraints.

Some of the root agile laments are:
The mushroom farm lament for lack of innovation
The subordinate’s lament based on diminishing team motivation
The perfection lament rooted in lower productivity

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