Passive powerless scrum mastery lament

The two extremes of management styles include traditional autocratic project management on one end and a passive powerless scrum master on the other.
With the first hand experience of both sides of the spectrum in coaching and scrum mastery over the last few years - here are some of most painful realities of this ill conceived role:

Some common misconceptions about Scrum Masters are listed below: 

  • They should Manage teams instead of Leading them
  • They should only Assign Work 'Push Mode' instead of promoting ‘Pull Mode'
  • They should act as a SPRINT MASTERs instead of Process Owners
  • They should Try to Maintain productivity instead of trying to increase it
  • They should only maintain a Project Plan instead of making Burndown charts visible
  • They should only look forward instead of carry out Retrospectives at iteration boundaries
  • They should ask for daily status from the team instead of facilitating a daily stand-up meeting
  • ....

There are many more - what is your experience?


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