What silky milk has to do with truly agile team formation?

The art of intersecting science, technology and nature has resulted in amazing discoveries.
In addition to products, services and projects - numerous combinations have been experimented with team formation accordingly.

Let us explore the idea to amalgamate golden orb weaver spider and a herd of goats with the insights into team dynamics.

In one such quest for finding a potential intersection, bio-technicians had inserted a silk-producing gene from a golden orb weaver spider into a herd of goats. Why? Any guesses?

A careful selection of team members with varying backgrounds, cultures, strengths and idiosyncrasies can play a vital role in the organization wide success of the team. As proven over and over again - having the right contrasting combination of a loosely held team can result in extreme synergy.

Some of the key facets to consider for effective team formation are listed below:

Forming agile teams and incubating innovative ideas is a similar quest for the next big thing.

The bio-technicians envisaged the goats to produce milk that contained the essence of spider webs, a material with amazing strength. The researchers, in turn, could use the milk to "spin" threads with silk-like qualities. Amazing but true.

What attributes do you consider before bringing a team together?

Smithsonian Magazine

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