Morphing the Innovation & Collaboration Paradigm

Iterative and incremental mind-set has proven to be the critical ingredient in any successful venture even in recent times. e.g. Richard Branson, Albert Einstein,  Thomas Edison learnt from numerous mistakes from the past. The difference was their incremental progression by learning from their failures and making new mistakes. 
Sometimes it’s more important to understand 'WHAT NOT' to do than to agree on ‘WHAT’ to do.

Radical change has been experienced by the software industry over the past decade. Unless the industry adapts and brings customers nearer to the delivery team in regular discussions on real progress – the crisis will continue, For any new methodology to work - the principles should be well understood before becoming flexible on practice evolution. Big picture has to be clear in the stakeholders' mind as it is a culture change - a paradigm shift from traditional practices to the new continuous innovation and disciplined execution mind-set.

In theory - these make sense but is it practical? 

A common question is what does continuous improvement culture actually mean from practical implementation in the organizations?

"Our life boils down to the infinite choices we make every day". 

The more we think about it and try to manage priorities - the higher the visibility of capacity control measures. Every day, we are challenged by the ever growing demands of economic pressures of our time. Business and solutions delivery organizations are always busy in fire fighting. There is a continuous need for accelerated time to market and with the ability to manage changing priorities. In addition to this competitive dilemma, organizational growth has a continuous risk of unmanageable succession planning and team morale.

Let us explore some of the ideas on how to define, create and sustain high performing teams in an agile world with innovation and collaboration. 

Some of the benefits of this technique are:
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Enhanced ability to manage changing priorities
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risk
The video recording of the webinar is now available.

Refer to the video for further information. 

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