New Book - Agile Laments (Continuous Innovation & Disciplined Execution) - GCC Edition

Before embarking on this highly demanding life-long journey, it is an unfair expectation from a short two-day agile training to address all the cultural and process challenges. A careful and overarching need for disciplined execution and continuous innovation and related expert coaching is mandatory for a positive impact change.

Rest assured that going on two-day ‘sheep dip training’does not positively change culture by any stretch of imagination.

Being trained as a ‘Certified Scrum Master’ is like saying,
“I will be able to fly commercial aircraft with a two day extensive training’.

Yes - you might be able to grasp the theoretical concepts. However, handling real-time challenging situations has numerous prerequisites. Good simulated knowledge, tremendous practice, regular training, and well managed coaching are some of the critical attributes for a successful agile and lean transformation.

Organizations in the GCC region typically have a cosy carpet culture where change equates threat

A standard response to productivity, innovation and motivation improvement initiative is:

“Why fix it when it is not broken!”

When such organization embark on a transformation journey with the introduction of various standard and proven techniques, numerous unique challenges show up. Real-life economic pressures play a vital role in bringing practices on-board. This ‘Libra’ varies dramatically across verticals and regions. Initially, the practices are tailored in good faith and this evolution is aligned with the principles. However, unless we are careful - the essence of agile values is lost over time in this adaptation process
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